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2018 Hot Sells Push Back Pallet Racking of cold warehouse
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Urgo Push Back Racking system is used extensively in high-cube storage facilities to provide superior selectivity and cost benefits when compared with other deep warehouse storage alternatives. Urgo Push Pack Racking systems are available in 2 - 5 deep. wir This system provides storage in applications in last in, first out storage (LIFO). Urgo Push Back Racking System ( Warehouse Storage Racking Systems,Heavy duty pallet racking Systems): This is a high density pallet storage racking system in which pallets of like product are stored two, three, four and five deep on a slight upward incline (cart). The pallets are fed in and retrieved from the one aisle, with each pallet load being pushed into the structure by succeeding pallets so the first pallet in, become the last pallet out. This combines the storage density of Drive In Racking with the retrieval capabilities of pallet flow racking.

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